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Free video lesson "How to cook colored glaze?”

Get now the free video lesson on how to cook chocolate colored glaze for the cake!

The stunning decor...

Chocolate or as it is called mirror glaze itself is a stunning decor, it also lends a glamorous, fascinating and beautiful design of dessert.

Only one recipe...

Colored chocolate glaze can be made with white, milk or dark chocolate using one recipe only.


Successful cooking…

A clear sequence of actions and other important conditions for the successful cooking of colored chocolate glaze.


Simple process...

Rather simple process requiring attention to. We invite you today to understand and succeed.

The weight of chocolate...

The weight of the chocolate, depending on its type in the recipe, does not change.

Everyone will be successful...

White, milk, black or colored glaze…Get the result with all of them.

Pastry chef Tetyana Verbytska offers you the new video lesson "Secrets of mirror glaze":

- Low quality of gelatin?

- Something wrong with condensed milk?

- I have a bad blender?

No more excuses!

Just spend 20 minutes pastry to see how KCIA Pastry Teacher Tetyana Verbytska debunks all the myths, answer all questions on a mirror glaze. Your glaze can be perfect no matter what!

Debriefing of all errors. Find out why: 

  • the glaze is too liquid/thick
  • condensate appears on the glaze
  • the glaze goes down the sides and it falls unevenly on the glaze
  • you notice bubbles in a glaze


Intensive Pastry Course, just a 20-minute video lesson, each of which is filled with useful information.

Learn a proven recipe of chocolate mirror glaze, which works flawlessly.



  • how to break through the glaze that it would have never had bubbles
  • what dye colors to use 
  • how to store
  • how to cover a cake with a glaze
  • ideas for decorating cake with a glaze