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Free video lesson ”How to make eclairs?”

Get now the free video lesson on how to cook eclairs with custard cream!

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KICA Chef Teacher Tetyana Verbytska offers in the new video lesson "the Secrets of making éclairs" to parse all possible errors, you can achieve a flawless result:

- why is it important to check the number of eggs in the recipe for choux pastry?

- how to cook vanilla custard cream with the texture of silk?

- what instrument and which surface to use for making eclairs?

- how to bake eclairs, what temperatures need to be?

- how to fill the eclairs, what with and how to cover them?

- why does eclairs exploding happen in the oven and how to avoid this effect?

No more excuses!

Just spend 30 minutes to see how KICA Pastry Teacher Tetyana Verbytska debunks all the myths, answer all questions on gold eclairs.

Intensive Pastry Course will help to cope with 5 important things: 

  • The right consistency for choux pastry
  • The duration of mixing
  • Baking temperature and time
  • The eclairs filling using a special nozzle
  • Working with fondant


Learn a French recipe that works always flawlessly.

Are you looking for the reasons why do not your eclairs look delicious and tempting?

The time has come to reach a new professional level!